Thursday, August 25, 2011


Being young and freshly married means that we are both experiencing a whole basket full of new stuff. Not to mention the fact that we live in a brand spankin' new place where we know zero people. We like to describe this little scenario as 'adventure' but- yeah- sometimes it is hard. We have to have a sense of humor though because we couldn't be happier to be living this chapter in our lives.

Since getting married it became more clear to me that guys get lots of haircuts. So J and I have been shopping around for a good hairdoin' place. We visited a place in the mall where J had a bad experience and a...$35...haircut. He was not happy. So J kinda outlined a list I like to call 'Haircuts around the East Coast'
Mens Haircut in Castlewood, VA-$8
Mens Haircut in Blacksburg, VA-$13
Mens Haircut in Greenville, SC-$18
Mens Haircut in Pittsburgh, PA-$35---That's some high quality USA inflation!

-In other news-
No, we did not experience the earthquake though the news said it 'shook' our area. I was at work and so was J and for those of you who don't know, J works at a nuclear plant so I was a little worried about him-but everything was okay.

As far as new experiences go, most of our daily lives are starting to become more routine. My adventures in the kitchen are sometimes exciting and sometimes bland, but J never complains. Trying a new recipe tonight-hope it turns out good enough to share!

Here's a pic of our sweet pup--she is enjoying our new couch!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Established...or getting close

Living in the city is definitely starting to grow on me, mostly because after trying out (5) grocery stores, I finally found on that is really great! Yes, I know that is the most exciting news anyone has ever heard, but when you live in a basement apartment and have to travel down stairs to get groceries inside, you have to visit the market much more than normal. Honestly, I have absolutely no clue how people in Manhattan buy groceries--it is insane trying to get a few bags from the car to the apartment--I cannot imagine how people get groceries to a five floor walk-up with no car YIKES! The good news is, J doesn't mind going to the market on the weekends so when we do a big shopping spree we at least have four hands to get those groceries inside. I have to say, we are both pretty stubborn about making one trip, it has to be hilarious watching us load our arms up with bags and stumble toward the apartment building and venture down the stairs to finally fall into the door with grocery bags all the way up our arms. Yesterday I went to the market by myself and had to make two trips, I was so ashamed! (ha!)

Honestly, finding a place to buy groceries is sort of a big deal because it's a little bit of normal in this big place that we are still trying to navigate. I do have to admit I am still not totally adept in meal planning--thankfully J doesn't complain about having salad every night as a side item--but I feel like meal planning equals a lot more grocery bags and I am NOT ready to fight more bags just yet.

As far as being established goes, it is getting easier to recite our new address, and I am getting really good at writing my new last name. We haven't hung any pictures or decorations on the walls, but we can finally see the dining room table AND walking from the living room to the dining room is no longer a maze! This new feeling of accomplishment was met with an awesome package from our wonderful friends in VA--I have always wanted one of these and my best friend totally surprised us, we cannot wait to hang this--

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Month Bliss

Yesterday marked our Two-Month Wedding Anniversary! Yes, I know the two-month stepping stone is a Widely celebrated anniversary, but hey when you're happy, everyday is a celebration. We celebrated with a huge pizza and a late night run  to rite aid for some junk food....ahhh yes the guilt is a little smaller if you justify that it was a special occasion. Which makes me think of how awesome Hallmark's new slogan is 'Life is a special occasion', Amen Hallmark!

Celebrating our little Anniversary makes me miss our wedding already. It was the perfect day. I hope that every girl gets to feel as happy as I did on our wedding day, it truly is an undeniable joy. If any of you reading this are preparing for your own wedding, rest assured that all of those tiny things that go wrong will be totally unnoticed on your wedding day, because 'wedding goggles' make everything look exactly beautiful.

I cannot mention the word Anniversary without making a little salute to my paternal grandparents who were married for 70 years before my grandfather passed away this past winter. What an incredible journey they had together! I was visiting my grandmother just a couple of weeks ago and the first thing she asked me was, "have you had an argument yet?" Disagreements are totally unavoidable and she has so much wisdom concerning marriage that I would really love to have a list of guidelines from her---"101 ways to be the perfect wife"---or I could just consult the "Good Wife's Guide" (if you haven't read this please do, it makes me very happy to be a wife in 2011) ...but I have to admit SOME of the guidelines do make good points.

I can't live by a set of guidelines to being a good wife, but what I can do is enjoy being young and being married to the man I love, and have a few goals for the immediate future:

  • Read the Bible together
  • Begin exercising more
  • Eat less Salt&Vinegar chips
  • Drink more water
  • Cook more healthy dinners
  • Make more time for crafts
  • Ignore marathons of "Toddlers and Tiaras" (please don't judge me)
In honor of our very special anniversary I want to share a picture from our blissful wedding day...Happy Anniversary to you for whatever special memory this day marks for you...or take a hint from Hallmark because Life IS  a special occasion.