Monday, October 24, 2011


My whole life I have had an interesting relationship with clutter. During my earlier years I basically ignored clutter to the point of interventions. These interventions included but were not limited to-my mother attacking my closet on her only day off from work, my friends 'coming over for a sleepover' and organizing my room, my grandmother showing the actual way to fold that turtleneck, and my sister demanding that I find her long lost tank top that I absolutely did not borrow....ooops sis I found it!

So now that I live with a boy (gasp!), in a one bedroom basement apartment, with lots of new exciting things from our wedding, clutter is lurking around every corner ready to pounce.  The thing is, J is not going to give me an intervention if the laundry isn't done on time (thank goodness!) so I have to do my own mini-interventions every now and then!

Living in a small space with tons of stuff makes your relationship with clutter become quite tense, therefore clutter and I have finally parted ways for cleaner pastures. This has been very satisfying, and now I truly know where every tank top resides. But the thing about clutter is that just a few more things can make it come back with vengeance. So with the arrival of my mom, sis, and step-dad this past weekend, clutter returned!

That clutter was so embraced because having it made their visit so real and it made our apartment so homey. Three girls getting ready in the floor of the dining room with hand mirrors is definitely not the most convenient way to primp, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Yes, we were crowded, but that's the best way to enjoy family, and most of our time was spent outside exploring.

We so enjoyed having our visitors and their clutter that after they left it felt very empty. So this morning I am drinking my coffee alone and looking at a messy Lebanon News piled up on the coffee table, I might just avoid throwing that treasure away for a few more days.

Our trip to Trax Farms!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moms...How do they do it?

Okay, so being a nanny has got me thinking about how in the world all of you wonder-moms do it all?! I have been discussing this little mystery lately with some of my friends and family because I already feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. And this is what we have come up with...

When you become a mother God gives you the superpowers of:
  • No need for sleep
  • Ability to shower and dress yourself in under 10 minutes
  • Ability to stretch groceries like the 'fish and the loaves'
  • Ability to make every part of dinner be ready at the same time (my mother-in-law should teach a class in this...and cooking in general)
  • Super willpower regarding NBCs new fall line-up
  • A new sense of turning trash to crafts
  • Knowledge of what temperature is right for a coat and scarf
So naturally I have none of the aforementioned superpowers, but being a nanny has really got me thinking that there are a few more superpowers I hope to recieve once I become a mother--these are things that all of you super-moms out there have already mastered...
  • The incredible ability to multi-task above and beyond the call of duty(my mom has got this in spades!) Yes this bastically covers everything except...
  • The ability to use Saran wrap...If having a baby doesn't give me this, I think im never gonna get the hang of it
So okay you power-moms I really don't know how you do it all, and still have clean and stylishly dressed children on your hip, but I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about all of you and your masterful abilities to get it all done! To all of you working moms out there, just wow you are amazing. To my mommy thanks for having all of these superpowers I love you!

As for me, I think I need a few more years of practice being a wife before mommyhood...but oh its fun to dream!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The leaves still change...

So it seems that the leaves still change in Pennsylvania; which is a wonderful thing to see! The past few days have been perfect fall days-warm with a breeze and a blue cloudless sky. These days really remind me of Virginia and make me feel a little closer to home, because on days when the newly colorful trees blend into that perfectly crayon-blue sky I can imagine sitting on my moms front porch and looking at the exact same scene. Although I have to admit that there is no better view from the front porch swing.

It is truly wonderful to be able to enjoy those last few beautiful days of fall before the cold starts to haunt you, especially when you have a sweet husband who will walk with you. We newly discovered an awesome walking trail behind our apartment that has incredible scenery to enjoy along the way--except a creepo bridge that we have to walk underneath. Our favorite part is a huge beautifully manicured horse farm that stretches out over rolling hills. The owners have a gorgeous old farm house on the property and they even placed a small covered picnic table at the edge of the trail for taking a little break from exercising to enjoy the view. That incredible view includes many many many Arabian horses grazing and running, it truly is a breathtaking sight.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors during this time of year has made missing the country a little less hard. I get caught up in the beauty of the season and then get snapped back into reality by a loud car horn...why must everyone be in such a hurry?