Friday, September 30, 2011

Storing for Winter

So the days of winter are fast approaching, but we have been able to enjoy a few days of nice weather. This week, J and I discovered a very nice walking trail right next to our apartment complex--yay for trying to walk into shape a bit since it seems I've been storing some lbs for winter! After fighting off weeks of being sick, I am finally starting to feel better (after two rounds of antibiotics yuck!) so the exercise regimen can begin in full force--I'll keep you posted since I'm quick to abandon these regimens before they ever really take off!

Last weekend we had our first visitors to our little apartment near the city and it was so much fun! We loved being hosts, plus it was a much needed push to actually hang our photos, clocks and such instead of always dodging their post on the ground. I will be adding photos of our apartment soon...

With the winter fast approaching, and our very informed discovery of how severe winter can be here in the 'burg I feel like start storing up for winter--but living in small quarters makes it hard to get a stock of food inside. Ideas on what to buy and where to put it are welcome--im open for suggestions from anyone who has lived in small apartments! Paris is very excited for winter it seems because this is what I found in her bed...

Maybe we should take a tip from our sweet doggie and just keep a few boxes of pasta in the bed??

Monday, September 19, 2011

To Everything there is a Season...

Well it is definitely fall in Pittsburgh! The weather is cool and the football has begun...sigh. Living in Pittsburgh is a little bit like living in a different world because everything {EVERYTHING} is about the Steelers. We were shopping last week and I had on a tee-shirt that said "Virginia is for Lovers" and a man came up to us and began asking us about VA and was very concerned about our NFL loyalties--don't worry J saved the day with a fast response about some players statistics--needless to say, outsiders better be Steelers fans! Thank goodness we come from a state without an NFL team.

In other news, we have FINALLY added pictures and decor to our little apartment walls. J took a break from the 50 football games on Saturday to hang some pics and such--it really looks like people live here now! I also went reorganized our closet--well reorganized would mean that I had organized it once before, so I organized our closet--had to get those sweaters ready for this Falltime weather!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day in VA

We we finally able to travel back to Virginia for the long weekend-'the working man's holiday' according to J-and it was so very wonderful to be back home. There really is nothing like drinking coffee with your mom early in the morning in the mountains after you haven't seen each other in a long time; especially when she has it ready for you when you stumble out of you old bedroom trying not to wake your hubby-it's funny how life changes but so many things stay the same.

Our short trip seemed way too short because there were so many hours spent driving from here to there, but it was so great getting to spend time with all of our families! We were even able to go and see a few members of our family baptised in the Cedar Creek, what a wonderful experience.

I feel like wherever we go we end up telling the same stories and I have to wonder how boring that gets to those who have heard it once before...'Marriage is wonderful, but Pittsburgh is just a city,' 'I love my job-here's a sweet anecdote about cute baby #1-but J is not crazy about his job,' 'We love our apartment, but the traffic is horrible,'...So sorry to those of you who heard those stories way too many times, I have to say I am guilty of rehearsing a good tale to memory for times like these!

It was such a busy weekend but it was filled with wonderful people and we really enjoyed being back in the mountains of Va. I was terribly sad to leave which made the absolute down-pour of rain on our last morning and our entire drive back to Pittsburgh quite appropriate. Back to the 'State of Independence,' back to drinking my own coffee.