Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Home!

Well it's official-J and C are residents of Roanoke VA! It took a loooooong week of traveling back & forth between states, packing and unpacking and moving things around and putting that new thing together and 'that shouldn't go there' and 'where is that one thing?' and 'oh that won't fit there just donate it to charity'......BUT we are now living very practically in our new apartment yay!

I had high hopes for our 1st New Years Eve as a married couple, I was envisioning shiny high heels and a new dress and someplace festive with sparkly confetti--Turns out when you are knee deep in boxes your New Years Eve dream becomes putting clean sheets on the bed and going to sleep at 8:30 pm....We did wake up long enough to watch the ball drop (so anticlimactic could have stayed asleep). Better luck next year New Years Eve--plenty of time to find those shiny shoes!

In honor of the New Year (whoa 2012 seems crazy) I wanted to give a little salute to 2011 because it was a wonderful year!

These things happened in 2011:
  • I graduated College--good riddance RU
  • J and I got MARRIED!!
  • We went to Jamaica --Yeah Mon!
  • We started living together
  • We moved to Pittsburgh
  • We had a lot of new experiences...
  • We celebrated Birthdays!
  • We prepared for another move
  • We celebrated Holidays
  • We ate good food
  • We slept in on Saturdays
  • We experienced love
  • We experienced loss
  • We Lived---Thanks 2011 we won't forget you!

2012 has started with a bang-We have moved to a new place, J has already started working (long hours *sigh*) and I will begin working a new job starting on Monday! We already found a supermarket and TJ Maxx is just around the corner. Little Paris is starting to bark less and less and the neighbors outside...2012 is looking pretty great!

As far as this blog goes...J and C are not really living in the 'city' anymore---but if you take in mind we come from small town USA, I think the title can survive a little longer (plus its catchy!)

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones--I am excited to share our new experiences with you this year!