Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby-Sitter's Club

So this week marked the first week of my new job-as a nanny. It's a little bit funny to think that after graduating college I cannot even imagine working in PR-what I studied at Radford. It is even funnier to think that after working so hard to graduate in 3 years that I absolutely LOVE working as a nanny.

Yes, my first day had a bit of excitement during mealtime--by excitement I mean complete and total screaming of two babies at once who refuse to eat. Even though this was a bit challenging, I couldn't have been happier that my job was to care for those two little screamers. The next day proved to be much easier with a 2 1/2 hour nap and fully ingested yogurt and graham cracker.

After graduating from Radford I decided that PR was not for me--thankfully I have a totally supportive husband and family who know that God has something else in store for me. So working with this sweet family of little gals is a confirmation of how much I want to work with children... Grad school is definitely in my future.

In other news, J and I are still getting accustomed to our 'big city livin' we did find a grocery store with a redbox (this was a big discovery)! We hope to be able to travel around the state and see some of the history up here. On a random note, J and I were watching the new Lifetime show 'Dance Moms' (I know its a pretty crazy) and it is located in Pittsburgh--I secretly hope to see one of the moms somewhere--it's a long shot but I would love to let them know how insane they seem on TV...I'll keep everyone posted!

I want to leave you with a little bit of beauty--I've been reading novels based in Nantucket and have now discovered my new number one place I wish to visit. I've told J about this dream and he agrees he would love to go--in a few years whenever we can afford to even dip our toe in Nantucket! Enjoy the weekend-I'll be dreaming of the Nantucket beach!

Monday, July 25, 2011

State of Independence

I graduated Radford in May and moved back home...Then on the most wonderful day of my life I got married and moved to South Carolina to live with my new hubby...Then three weeks later we moved to the suburbs of Pittsburgh and have started a new adventure.

Our big move from Greenville, SC to Bethel Park, PA was on July 4th--Independence Day which was quite appropriate considering we were moving 6 hours away from home and anything or anyone familiar. With both cars packed and some JT on the stereo we finally passed from WV into PA. We were married in VA the state so perfectly represented by 'VA is for lovers' now we live in PA the state so perfectly named 'PA the State of Independence.'

Living in the State of Independence is very different from anywhere either of us have lived before. J works long hours and has a busy commute while I fearfully venture around the area looking for a good grocery store or try to organize the new apartment while discovering the excitement of coin-operated laundry...sigh. While getting aquainted has been very different for both of us, we are starting to understand the area and the apartment is becoming more livable everyday. We have loved going to baseball games on the weekends, discovering new restaurants together, taking walks to the mailbox together, and playing tennis (well I am learning while J patiently teaches me to serve). We have had some really fun adventures getting aquainted to public transportation--the 'T' takes us to downtown Pittsburgh for the Pirates games, downtown Pittsburgh (where I hang on to J for dear life while clutching my purse with the other hand) is a beautiful city that we can't wait to explore.

I will be starting my new job this week--yay! I will be a nanny for some little cuties, talk about a new adventure TWINS, but I really cannot wait. One new adventure after the other!

Its raining in PA today so I'm dreaming of our wonderful honeymoon to Jamaica--which was actually quite rainy as well--the best week ever! So heres a little pic from our honeymoon when it was actually sunny. Jamaica dreaming in PA...