Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So J and C are getting quite used to our new living arrangements here in Roanoke. We love being so close to our 'old stomping grounds' if you will. I can safely say that we are living in a place where we may actually see people we know at Wal*Mart or the grocery store. It's also refreshing to see lots of cars with VT sitckers and those cute little stick people families. I guess I am more attuned to bumper-stickers since my morning commute is roughly 30 minutes now...sigh...but at least I get some good a.m. radio time before reaching work.

My new job is great! It is definitely a challenge having 12 little ones all day, but so rewarding hearing those little people talk about Jesus. I have a new anecdote almost every single day for J when we get home from work--I don't think my impersonations really do those funny stories justice, but they are precious nonetheless.

J and I finally got to see some snow this year! We were actually quite pleased to miss out on the snow that came to PA after we left, but it really felt like winter here a couple days ago. As soon as it came it was gone, so now we have that left over black ugly snow piled up on the sides of the roads--I'm sorry but dirty old snow you are depressing!

Since we experienced some good old fashioned winter, I am totally ready for spring. I cannot wait to walk the dog without a jacket-oh the dream! One day I may even be able to let the dog out without a leash, talk about dreamy :-) But speaking of little Paris, she is really starting to like our home here. She loves running up and down the hallway after her toys-so funny!

In other news, last month J and I became the proud owners of a brand new Washer and Dryer Yayyyyyy! For those of you who have had to tote around countless quarters to wash your clothes in washing machines of questionable cleanliness you understand my excitement! Thank you GE for the awesome discount! Our little home is so complete.

As far as our apartment goes, we have pictures hanging and dishes in the cabinets. Our bedroom looks nice and decorated, but we still have one room that is stacked with boxes and a closet that has zero room left in it--safe to say we are blessed to have lots of stuff. Blessings are so easily forgotten-today I woke up in a warm bed with my husband beside me, I had clean clothes and food in the cabinets, I dressed and fed myself and drove my own vehicle to my job. Thank you Jesus we are truly blessed!

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