Sunday, March 11, 2012

We all float on.

Ahhhhh welcome Springtime! The weather in the Roanoke Valley has been getting warmer every week and I cannot wait for the official start of Spring in just a few more days! We have been enjoying the warm weather and getting outside to exercise and enjoy the beautiful glad to be back in the mountains :-)

As much as I love the increasing temperatures I feel like winter came and went in a flash, but lately I have been feeling everything pass by so quickly. It's as if we are always focusing on something in the future...'I can't wait to graduate' 'I can't wait to get married' 'I can't wait to move again' 'I can't wait for the weekend' 'I can't wait for the next visit home' 'I can't wait...'
When did we start this fast paced life? This is the country for goodness sakes!

I guess I have been really thinking about how time flyyyyys by. I feel like I closed my eyes in PA and woke up in VA two months later! Since we move around it is hard to feel settled anywhere so I will blame it on that and not my being super tired and going to bed at 8 every night.

We have successfully found a few churches that feel like a good fit-hooray! We heard a sermon today that really hit close to home because it was about experiencing your life instead of zooming through it. It's so easy to go to work and be thinking...'I can't wait to get home' and then to get home and be thinking 'I can't wait to get dinner over...and get the dishes done...and get to bed'. I want to try and enjoy and experience every part of my day and be thankful and give glory to God. Granted it is super-de-duper hard to do that when you are stuck in traffic and have a headache and the other 400 things that will go wrong--but hey make an attempt and God will make a way.

I want to start seeing the ways I got to where I am as blessings and building blocks instead of obstacles...this is my spring cleaning--getting rid of the negativity!!!

Also on a different note--when do you stop being a newlywed? In relation to the 'whoa I cannot believe its already WEDNESDAY what happened' effect, I keep telling people..."I just got married" *ahem* 9 months ago thankyou very much. Oh well I'm still totally blissfully happy so I can be a newlywed for as long as I want...I guess that's okay!

Some new adventures in our newlywed lives include:
--Buying J a new suit--that was quite an adventure :)
--Buying a new mattress! so excited for that to be delivered soon
--A visit from Mom, Sis and Aunt
--Some clothing tragedies in the new washing machine--oops!
--Some new recipes
--and a lot of new friends

Roanoke we might be here to stay.

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