Friday, May 11, 2012

Back in the Habit

Well friends it has been awhile. J and C have had some exciting adventures since we moved to the new city, and we are doing great!
First things first…I got a real big grown up business cards business dress new job! Yes that’s right we are talking a bon-a-fide real job that actually matches what I studied in college! Okay okay I  might be just a little excited but I am definitely blessed to have found a good match for me.
So when I’m not downtown at my new job, and when J is not in the other place at his job…we are still at our little apartment *sigh* but we are on the house hunt so that is super-de-duper exciting. I think our biggest problem in the house hunt is that I am one of those unreasonable buyers (not much different from those on ‘House Hunters’ that make you so mad when they say a perfectly awesome house is ‘not move in ready’ because there is no doggie door and one room is painted an ugly color) but I am working on that…I think pinterest has given me an unrealistic idea of what a house should look like on the inside.
Although I am loving my new gig event planning, I am totally missing those cutie pies at the preK/daycare…and it is giving me some big time baby fever. Since it’s almost mother’s day, there have been tons of baby commercials on TV and I cry everytime I see one of those…it’s a little bit sad I know but those commercials are so darn precious!!!
Speaking of TV, I have really gotten left behind this spring on all of the shows I love…so I really need one of those days where even though the apartment is gross and clothes are in mountains all around me waiting to be washed, I just cuddle up in the bed with the laptop and hulu and catch up on Revenge and Gossip Girl and Happy Endings and Once Upon A Time….you know all of those guilty pleasure shows most of you won’t admit to loving. Well I am not ashamed! *Disclaimer most of these shows are wildly addicting so watch at your own risk!*
In other news, I am having tons of fun living here! We are only 3 hours from home, 4.5 hours from VA beach, 45 minutes or less from VA Tech games, and 5 minutes to a big ol’ fun mall! Ahhhh the possibilities. But the really fun thing is how close we are to that special exciting wonderful awesome place where this happened:

Do you remember that fun day? I sure do and it’s coming up soon (the anniversary that is) and I think J and I will have to go back up to that fun rock and take another picture---a boring already married people one but still a picture!
I regret to inform that I still haven’t dragged the ol’ sewing machine out of its box since the move, so NO I do not have any fun crafting projects—still hoping for one of those days like the watch TV day to come along for that….but I do have TONS of ideas so I’ll keep you posted!
As for everything else, we are just fine. We are blessed beyond measure and we know that God has some great things in store for us here in our new—now forever-ish home.

“ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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